Tips to Follow Before Booking a Hotel

Tips to Follow Before Booking a Hotel

Arranging hotel accommodations may be daunting to the uninitiated, but as long as you keep in mind a few helpful reminders, booking hotels won’t be difficult anymore.
The Internet offers a wealth of resources to help you decide on the best hotel for your budget and needs. Through careful scrutiny and a keen sense for recognizing a good deal, travelers can make informed decisions about hotels that are truly worth the price.

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Fun Facts #1

World’s priciest cities for a hotel room:

If you’re going to one of those cities be sure to call your banker first. While cities like New York are well known for their super high hotel rates ($320/night on average) other cities hold a hidden “sting”.

In Lagos, Nigeria, for example, you’ll shell out $341 per night on average and don’t expect a spectacular hotel in return. Moscow ($403/night), Geneva ($340/night) and Zurich ($332/night) join New York and Lagos to form the world’s top 5 priciest cities for a hotel room.

Fun Facts #2:

Top “Celeb-Spotting” hotels:

1) Bellagio, Las Vegas.
Recently spotted – George Clooney.

2) Hotel Hassler, Rome.
Recently spotted – David Beckham.

3) Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris.
Recently spotted – Sarah Jessica Parker.

4) Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu.
Recently spotted – Matthew Fox.

5) Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows, Los Angeles.
Recently spotted – Jennifer Aniston.

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